3 Lessons from Biblical Men for the Lost, Anxious, and Afraid

There are 3 biblical men for the lost, anxious, and afraid. Have those words ever described you? Do you feel those emotions today? Take heart, through these men and their testimonies we can learn how to better respond to our circumstances today, and forever. By following their example, we will start seeing God as bigger than our problems.

3 Ways to Become a Better Leader by Following Like Joshua

Full of courage, daring, and even spies! The Bible book of Joshua shows that obedience to God supersedes all, even when the going gets tough and uncertainty lurks around every corner. Here are three ways to follow like Joshua, becoming a more effective leader in the process.

3 Ways to Have a New Beginning after COVID

In life, we will constantly have circumstances that aren’t of our choosing, but the good news is, we always get to choose our response. And right now, the response we need is to have a new beginning. You get to respond and to have a new life as we (hopefully) are coming to the end of the influence of the Coronavirus on our lives.


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