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Awake Us Now

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Pastor, historian and teacher, Chris Dodge, senses the urgency of the times in which we live. With a heart to see awakening breakout across America, these broadcasts tackle current issues through personal stories, historical insight and biblical truth. The messages emphasize that now is the time for believers to be awake! Join us as we grow in faith and in relationship with Jesus Christ. Listen in and be reminded just how intimately relevant the Bible truly is. You will be encouraged through each broadcast to continue to stand strong as together we look forward to Christ's return.

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About Chris Dodge

Pastor Chris Dodge is the Senior Pastor and CEO of Awake Us Now, Inc. He is our teaching pastor for our Sunday service and Tuesday Bible class. He and his wife, Jan, manage our satellite location in Lansing, MI. Pastor Dodge believes God still speaks today and that He is calling His church to repentance and recommitment in order to lead our nation to a knowledge of Jesus Christ as Savior. 


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