The Mystery of the Gospel

The Mystery of the Gospel

The Mystery of the Gospel is hosted by Pastor Brian Evans, and is a ministry of 5point7 Community Church in Detroit. This program exists to provide sound Christ-centered teaching, in an effort to encourage reformation and revival in God's church.

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About Pastor Brian Evans

Brian Evans was born and raised on the east side of Detroit where he serves as the Planter/Pastor of 5point7 Community Church. After spending his teenage years entangled with the brokenness and dysfunction that was rampant in his community, Brian was converted to Christ at age 19, and called to the ministry a couple of years later. Brian has spent over 20 years involved in inner-city ministry, both in his native city Detroit, and also in Atlanta, Ga. After completing a 2-year church planting residency program at First Presbyterian Church of Trenton, Mi, Brian was blessed with the opportunity of going back to his broken community in Detroit, where along with his team, they have planted 5point7 Community Church, a gospel-centered, community serving church. Brian is married to Shannon Evans, and they are, together, the proud parents of five. Brian can be reached by phone at: 586-217-8826 or by email at: [email protected]


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