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Word of life ministry lifts up the gospel of our Lord Jesus giving Him all praise and glory, and calling us to live for the sake of the gospel by applying the message to our daily lives.

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About Reverend Rani Abdulmasih

The Reverend Rani Abdulmasih received a BS in Chemistry from St. Bonaventure University, NY. His first career was a Synthetic Chemist at Bristol, PA, and then as an analytical chemist and supervisor at Inolex Chemical Company, Philadelphia, PA. A graduate of Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary, CA, and Ecumenical Theological Seminary, Detroit, MI. He is the Mission Developer and Pastor of Mother of The Savior Church in Dearborn. He is also currently serving as the Transitional Pastor at Christus Victor, Dearborn Heights.

He served as a member of the Board of Directors of several organizations such as the Interfaith Health and Hope Coalition, and The Middle East Peace Civic Forum amongst others. A member of BRIDGES (Building Respect in Diverse Groups to Enhance Sensitivity, he is involved in ongoing interfaith dialogue with other faith traditions, and ecumenical dialogue within the Christian tradition.

He has a strong passion for building understanding and a lasting relationship amidst communities of all faiths. Reverend Abdulmasih is the recipient of the “Building Bridges” award (October 2003), the “Archbishop Paul Sayah Award” September 28, 2012, for “a person that promotes bridges and harmony between churches and community at large,” and the “Community Award” April 11, 2013


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