Pastor Marvin Taylor

Our purpose is to teach and live the Grace of God in our lives on a daily basis. We are not here to put anyone under a performance system, but we want to help you learn the Word of God Rightly Divided.

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A look at God's infallible book, hosted by Pastor Richard Jordan. This program is brought to you by Christian people who believe the Bible to be the word of God and who appreciate its power and authority. That's why the program is called, The Riches of Grace. Our purpose is not to get you to join anything, or buy anything, we just want to talk about a person, the Lord, Jesus Christ, out of a book, the Bible. And we know that if you learn God's word, find out what God's word tells you, and understand what God's word says, that you'll find the word of God will go to work in your life and will become effectual because you believe it.



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