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PowerPoint with Jack Graham

PowerPoint with Jack Graham

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PowerPoint Ministries is the radio and television broadcast ministry of Jack Graham, pastor of Prestonwood Baptist Church — a nearly 37,000-member church with three campuses in the Dallas and North Texas region. Through PowerPoint Ministries, Dr. Graham offers practical, biblical steps on how to tap into God's power for successful Christian living.

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A Much More Marriage
Pastor Jack Graham winds down the study in the book of Ephesians titled “Much More,” about the abundant life we have in Christ as believers. We have studied our wealth and worth in Christ and our walk with Christ. In the final chapter today, Pastor Graham teaches about our warfare, our “battle cry” as Christians.

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You Have Every Reason to Hope!

That’s why Pastor Jack Graham wrote his book, A Hope and a Future. In it, he shows you the four life preservers that God throws out to anyone sinking under the waves of confusion, doubt, or fear: Perspective, Protection, Purpose, and Power. A Hope and a Future isn’t about feel-goods or pat answers, but about pointing your heart and mind to the Source of hope, Jesus himself. So request your copy of A Hope and a Future today, and discover how you can find true hope—and a real future—in Jesus Christ!


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