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Destined for Victory with Paul Sheppard

Destined for Victory  with Paul Sheppard

About Destined for Victory

Destined for Victory is the broadcast ministry of Pastor Paul Sheppard. You’ll be informed and inspired by practical, down-to-earth teachings blended with humor. Sermons air each weekday and are available online through our podcast.
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Something God Can't Do
The assurance that God does not tempt us to do evil; the difference between temptation and trials of faith; how to avoid succumbing to temptation; based on James 1:13-18. CLICK HERE to ORDER this full message on MP3!

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Junk Removal for the Soul Booklet

Imagine trying to renovate a home without getting rid of the old furnishings and fixtures. That’s no way to do a home makeover! Similarly, Pastor Paul Sheppard shows how the Holy Spirit is ready and willing to help believers get rid of old habits and patterns that prevent them from becoming the best that they can be. Expect amazing results by practicing junk removal for the soul!


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