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Destined for Victory with Paul Sheppard

Destined for Victory  with Paul Sheppard

About Destined for Victory

Destined for Victory is the broadcast ministry of Pastor Paul Sheppard. You’ll be informed and inspired by practical, down-to-earth teachings blended with humor. Sermons air each weekday and are available online through our podcast.
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There's More; Go Get It! Part 1 (cont'd)
Joshua’s challenge to the descendants of Joseph when they complained that their allotment in Canaan wasn’t large enough; exploring the full potential of what God has given us; learning that faith must be exercised in order for it to grow; based on Joshua 17:14-18 and other passages. CLICK HERE to ORDER this 2-part series on MP3!

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The Baton of Faith Booklet

As the tribes of Israel began to possess the land of Canaan, Joshua understood that while it’s great to be blessed, it's even greater to maintain a vital relationship with the One who provides those blessings! Therefore, he exhorted the people to love the Lord, walk in His ways, hold fast to Him, and serve Him wholeheartedly. How much more important is this exhortation for us today? In this timely resource, Pastor Paul makes the case that given the secularism that abounds all around us, the most important legacy we can leave is not money and material things, but faith and faithfulness!


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