10 Promises God Has for the Overwhelmed and Anxious Soul

In a world that often feels harsh, chaotic, and full of struggle, it doesn’t take long before we find ourselves battling the feelings of overwhelm, rush, or anxiety. Through some of the most challenging times in life, I have learned the power of praying God’s words back to him. This discipline alone holds the ability to soothe our souls, to refresh our spirits, and cause hope to rise above the fear we might be feeling.

10 Things You Should Know about Hell

I take no special delight in writing this article. But hell is real and people are going there. So let’s look closely at what the Bible has to say about it as well as the on-going debate over whether hell is eternal conscious punishment.

15 Spiritual Warfare Scriptures

15 Spiritual Warfare Scriptures
Praying God’s words back to Him, is a powerful weapon against the forces of evil. It is Truth going out. It reminds us that God knows our way and understands what we face today. It builds our faith and our trust in God. It guards our hearts and focuses our minds back on Him. It wins the battle.
Here are 15 Spiritual Warfare Scriptures for you to Read, Pray, and Memorize...

5 Ways We Should Remember 9/11

I will always be reminded that our military superiority, our system of government, our way of life – when these all come crashing down, God is still God and still on the throne.

10 Ways to Stop Cliques in Your Church

God’s kingdom is for everyone. Christ’s church is not simply a place for people we deem acceptable; His church is a place where people can be accepted. Church should be the ultimate clique-free zone.

10 Questions Jesus Asked (and Why They Matter Today)

We often have questions of God, questions like: Where are you? Why did You allow this? What kind of good can come out of this? God has questions of us, as well, not because He doesn’t know the answers. He knows all things. The questions God asked throughout Scripture, in both the Old and New Testaments, were to get us to think, to repent, and to return.


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