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For When You Need a Miracle - I Do Every Day - October 2

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For When You Need a Miracle
By Laura Way 

My parents’ marriage was a battleground. The summer before my 7th grade year, divorce felt inevitable. I headed to camp, worried sick that when I got back their decision to divorce would be final.

That week, I prayed like never before. I returned home to find the battle was over. Divorce was off the table, and our home changed drastically from then on.

It was the first time I saw God answer prayer so vividly and monumentally.

Make no mistake: Prayer isn’t an “Instacart” we fill with everything we want and hope it’ll be in stock. Prayer is so much more than just giving God our requests. In prayer, we orient ourselves to God. We remember He is God … and we are not.

Maybe you feel your marriage needs a miracle. Truth be told, God may or may not choose to heal your marriage. But it’s safe to say He wants you to pray for it.

Here are three ways to pray today.

1. Pray for your heart’s roots to grow down into God’s love.
Too often we focus our prayers on others: God, transform their hearts; Help them change. But the best place to start is with our own hearts. Is my heart softened by Jesus’ lavish love?

2. Pray to love sacrificially, like Jesus.
As your roots grow deeper into God’s love, you can follow Christ’s example. Offering yourself—your time, empathy, service—sacrificially to your spouse. Reject the temptation to compare your sacrifices to your spouse’s.

3. Pray for God to turn your ashes into beauty.
Are there places in your marriage with ashes, mourning, brokenness, and captivity? Jesus came to bring beauty, gladness, healing, and freedom! Ask Him to bring restoration now.

When we’re hurting, it can be hard to form the words to pray. Try, “6 Prayers for Marriage When You Need a Miracle.”

The Good Stuff: Seek the LORD and his strength; seek his presence continually! (1 Chronicles 16:11)

Action Points: What’s the most urgent need in your marriage right now? Stop whatever you are doing and pray for God’s hand over it.

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