Ready...Set...Vacation! with Erik the Travel Guy


I Love To Drive To Vacations

We all have different situations. Mine? I am fortunate in that I get to work from home when I am not filming my travel television series.  Because of this schedule I get to spend time with my young children. I make them breakfast, I pack their lunches and I drive them to and from school. This also means I don’t sit in traffic commuting to work daily. Those who do, know how awful it really is. Which is why I am willing to get behind the wheel and drive to a long weekend adventure. And when I do, I first take a moment each and every time to prepare my vehicle and myself for the extended drive. For the car, I clean it inside and out and sometimes even detail it. I get the oil changed if needed and I have my mechanic look at my tires, windshield wiper blades, light bulbs, and check my fluids. I check my emergency roadside and first aid kits; I’ve never had to use either of them but they are there if I need them. Depending on the duration of the trip, I pack a small cooler with ice, water and a few snacks. This keeps the spending on those items to a minimum. In terms of our departure time, I try to avoid driving when EVERYBODY else is on the road. This requires some sacrifice (such as leaving super early) but it's worth it to not have to be driving with the rest of the free world. The kids wear headphones, I listen to podcasts and sip coffee on cruise control. It’s magical. Happy vacation driving! 



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