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Christian Movie The Hill Soars to No. 1 on Netflix

A Christian movie that’s based on a true story and stars Dennis Quaid has soared up the Netflix charts to No. 1 and won a major mainstream award in recent days, some five months after it was released in theaters.

7 Things You Should Know about Season 4 of The Chosen 

One of the most popular Bible-based entertainment projects ever,The Chosen, can credit its success to what Hollywood studios would call a stroke of fortune.Fans of the series, though, would call it providential.In 2019, the series' first season had its share of admirers but had yet to reach the viral status -- much less the funding -- it now enjoys. Then, the 2020 pandemic hit. In March of that year, the company behind The Chosen placed Season 1 online for free. Viewership soared. That led to more donations. It also led to more seasons.Brad Pelo, president of The Chosen, believes the pandemic was critical to its current success."It helped because we were all in our homes, looking for something to do," Pelo told Crosswalk. "But I think it also helped because we were facing a dilemma as a society. We're wondering: Is this going to kill us all? Will life ever return to normal? We were asking existential questions of humanity."Today, The Chosen is available on its own platform as well as major streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Peacock. In my view, it is the best faith-based project in modern history. Season 4 releases in theaters in February.Here are seven things you should know about Season 4:Photo credit: ©The Chosen; used with permission.

5 Kid-friendly Shows to Watch This Winter

It can be hard to find kid-friendly television shows in the modern day. It can feel at times that there is nothing kid-friendly to watch anymore. If you have kids, you most likely want to ensure they are watching things that won’t scare them or present ideas that go against Scripture. There are certain television shows that children and adults should not watch; however, they are still out there. As Christians, we need to guard our hearts and minds, and this includes the media that we are consuming. For Christian parents, they especially want to guard what their children are watching.If you are searching for a few kid-friendly shows for your children so you can have a few extra minutes for holiday preparations, you have come to the right place. As someone who personally doesn’t enjoy horror-themed media or other secularly bad things, I have found many kid-friendly shows that you can play for your little ones. Even though some of these television shows might not be the most interesting to adults, they are great for kids. Who knows—if you give them a chance, you might even like them yourself.Here are five kid-friendly television shows that you and your kids can watch this winter:Photo Credit: ©Getty Images/Cavan Images

3 Things You Should Know about Netflix’s All the Light We Cannot See

Marie is a young, courageous woman living alone in Nazi-occupied St. Malo, France, toward the end of World War II, and who is ready to die for doing what's right.She's also blind. Her father walked out of the house more than a year ago and never came back. Her uncle did the same a few days ago and has yet to return.So Marie does what does best: She sits in front of her radio microphone, speaks confidently into it, and broadcasts a signal throughout the land, pleading for her father and her uncle to return. Once done, she provides entertainment for her audience by reading Jules Verne's Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, using a braille book that was a gift.Of course, her broadcasts are illegal under Hitler's strict rules, but Marie doesn't care. Airraide bombs are destroying the city. Marie could die any second. Besides -- she figures -- her country needs her broadcasts.Will she survive?The new Netflix four-part seriesAll the Light We Cannot See (TV-MA) follows the story of Marie, her family, and the Nazis who are trying to find her.Here are three things you should know about it:Photo credit: ©Netflix; used with permission.

5 Questions for Bill Abbott of Great American Family

Data from Nielsen Media Research showed that Great American Familywas TV's fastest-growing network for the ninth consecutive month. Total viewership that month was up 139 percent from the same month one year earlier. Crosswalk recently spoke with Bill Abbott, the CEO of parent company Great American Media, about the company's success and its future.

Should I Let My Teen Watch The Summer I Turned Pretty?

A lot of relationship ping-pong goes on between Season 1 and Season 2. Parents should know that relationships are not put into the perspective of healthy friendships based on mutual respect, accountability, and even responsibility. Instead, you enter into the world of true angsty relationships based primarily on physical attraction, chemistry, the dopamine rush of drama and scandal, and the unspoken but underlying question of “Who will Belly lose her virginity to.”

Kids' Shows You Can Trust

If we fail to protect our children from content that promotes aberrant values and behavior, we are then unwittingly relinquishing our God-given role of shaping the character of our children to the wicked one.

The Chosen to Release First Scene From Season 4 as Filming Wraps

The hit series "The Chosen" will offer viewers a first look at a scene taken from its upcoming fourth season after filming was completed.In an email released July 25, "The Chosen" team announced filming for Season 4 was almost completed and that they will share a scene from the new season.


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