Singles and Social Media: How to Scale Back and Find Freedom

If social media has become an idol, to the point where you daily – or hourly – check your following, and worry if one picture gets more likes than others, there are biblical reasons you should consider setting aside Instagram or Twitter for a season.

5 Beautiful Purposes God Has for Your Singleness

What is God’s reason for not answering this prayer? I don’t know why God has answered with a “no” or “not yet,” but He has answered, and I believe, whether you’ve been single for one year or fifty, the following are God’s purposes for your singleness (and mine):

7 Encouraging Psalms to Help Battle Depression

Depression is not something that magically disappears when you slap a band aid on it. Sometimes the last thing you want to hear is another Bible verse or encouraging word. Psalms puts words to the hardest seasons of life when it’s hard to find words to pray.

Is There a Godly Way to Date during Quarantine?

Dating is difficult enough. Add a mass recession and global pandemic to the mix and it’s enough to stress anyone out. The truth is you can use this crisis to create a deeper connection, beyond surface-level dating, all while honoring Christ. Here are the 5 ways you can honor God with your dating life during quarantine:

How Do I Heal from an Abusive Relationship?

Even when we go through the darkest and most difficult things in our lives, God is always there; helping us to carry on. In therapy, community, and prayer, God wants you to cast your anxieties on Him and lay your burdens at His feet.

7 Affirmations to Live By in the COVID-19 Crisis

The global pandemic is wreaking havoc with immediate challenges, far-reaching consequences, and life-and-death circumstances. President Trump warns that “we are fighting an invisible enemy.” While we indeed fight, we can draw closer to our Deliverer. Only he can whisper his peace to our hearts. Only he can be our firm rock to stand on amidst the shifting sands of our circumstances. In addition, God can help us recognize and multiply what is redeeming for us even now. In response to all that God offers, here are seven strength-giving affirmations to live by amidst the COVID–19 crisis:

11 Creative Ways to Connect while Quarantined

How do we cope with these unfamiliar limitations for however long they might last? How do we connect with and encourage each other in a way that doesn’t result in too many people in too little space?


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