How to Help Your Singles Bible Study Thrive

So whether you want to explore a different way to do your Bible study with a group of single Christians, or if your single Christians Bible study group needs some sense of direction, consider the following tips:

7 Things to Look Forward to Besides Getting Married

Within the Christian community, we can idolize marriage as the ultimate goal. But God would not agree that this is the only thing we should look forward to. Single Christians, consider the following things to look forward to in life, aside from marriage.

Christian Dating: 3 Signs Your Yoking is Healthy

Whether you’re meeting for your second date, or an engagement looms around the corner, you’ll want to know if who you’ve paired yourself with will help your spiritual growth, opposed to hinder or detract from it.

Are You with Someone Who Knows How to Pursue You?

It’s easy when you’re dating someone to get caught up in the emotions of the relationship. It’s new, exciting, and usually full of hope. So, it can be quite difficult to bring your head back down from the clouds and look realistically at the relationship.

Singles and Social Media: How to Scale Back and Find Freedom

If social media has become an idol, to the point where you daily – or hourly – check your following, and worry if one picture gets more likes than others, there are biblical reasons you should consider setting aside Instagram or Twitter for a season.

6 Sneaky Reasons You May Feel 'No One Likes Me'

Loneliness is something that happens to all of us. The important thing to remember is that it is a normal feeling. Can you imagine how lonely Jesus must have felt at times? Especially closer to his death? He was deserted by all of his disciples, betrayed by one closest to him. He completely understands how you feel. Staying positive will help keep the enemy's lies and feelings of loneliness from taking over.


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