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Do I Expect Too Much from My Child?

When we follow this biblical command, motivated by love, it will help calm our worry over whether or not we expect too much from our children, or ourselves.

6 Ways to Thrive as an Empty Nester

As I have embarked upon the journey of moving toward an empty nest, I don’t mind telling you that I have probably not had the smoothest of transitions. The wisdom I offer here is peppered with the air of skinned knees and bloodied noses as I fumbled around with the right way to become something other than mom. Here’s what I learned:

5 Questions Kids Have about God and How to Answer Them

No matter what questions you are being asked, never be afraid to tell a child that you do not know the answer, but you will investigate and get back with them. It is important to teach children that we are learning every day about God too.

10 Things to Never Say to Your Teen

In the heat of a crazy moment, we might say things without thinking that tear our kids down. We need to remember our words hold tremendous power over them.

6 Tips to Raising Difficult Children

Admitting that our children can be difficult does not mean they aren’t gifted by God or that we don’t love them immensely, it simply means that parenting them is, well, difficult! That said, I wanted struggling mommas to be able to find the words on this page, as they sojourn through what may be some of the hardest days of their lives.


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