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5 Reasons I Pray for My Husband Every Day

Do you pray for your husband? Even if you aren’t married yet, you can and should cover his life in prayer. If you haven’t yet begun to pray, take these 5 prayer points and begin to lift your husband or future husband to the Lord. You will see answers, whether now or in the future, and your time spent in prayer will not be wasted.

5 Common Roots of Jealousy in Marriage

Jealousy is not automatically a sin—it’s a feeling. What turns a feeling into sin is the motivations of the heart, and when we react to the feeling with sinful behavior. Unfortunately, most jealousy issues in marriages today don’t come from a godly place, but rather are a result of sin.

3 Lies about Pornography That Could Be Destroying Your Marriage

There are currently over 24.5 million different pornographic websites on the Internet, which represents approximately 12% of all websites. What’s more, at any given time, approximately 30,000 people are looking at porn. Here are 3 lies we believe about pornography that could be destroying our lives and our marriages.


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Kill Me Now - Crosswalk the Devotional - March 1

Our walk is NOT always easy. Even God's greatest leaders and prophets got to the point where, even after witnessing miracles, their circumstances were so overwhelming their attitude was, "Just kill me now, Lord!"