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7 Powerful Spiritual Benefits of Thankfulness

Thankfulness is something most people agree is good, but it often remains an abstract positive, something we know is beneficial but can’t necessarily explain why.

We teach our kids to say thank you and please, but often forget to treat God with the same respect. We pray, ask, beg, say please and when our desires come to fruition we forget to come back and say thank you. Seeing the lepers in

When Finances, Health, and Faith Collide: Avoiding the Perfect Storm

Sometimes, when storms collide, they can neutralize each other. Sometimes they can flip around each other, almost bumping off of each other. But sometimes – and it’s rare – they can feed off of each other and combine into what the National Weather Service calls a “Perfect Storm.” We are currently in the midst of the potential for a perfect storm, only this one isn’t meteorological.


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