6 Keys to Controlling Your Spending

For several years during the late 1980s, my wife Susie and I applied a rather rigorous approach to control our spending, and it worked pretty well. I didn't keep a diary at the time, but looking back on it now, these are the "keys to success" that come to mind.

How to Teach God's People to Tithe

Expecting people to turn loose of a portion of their income without being taught why is like pitching your kid in deep water and expecting him to swim.

4 Ways Debt Can Hurt Your Whole Family

A decision to spend beyond what one can afford injures the entire household. Whether or not they can articulate the reason for the burden, they feel it nonetheless.

10 Signs You Love Money

To develop a healthy relationship with money, we must build on this truth: God owns us and everything we have.

Giving Your Life Away

Giving is something we all must practice. It is one of the ways Jesus overcomes the spiritual poverty of our hearts—and alleviates the physical poverty of others in the process.


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